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Landrover Air Locking Carrier Suitable for all Standard Rover Diffs. Larger Rear 24 Spline Axles available where required to update.
Nine Inch LSD parts Refer Products Page for this item for full particulars, if more information required , please contact us.
Gearbox Shaft Kit 110 LR County and Range Rover Main Shaft Splines repaired by grounding New Spline into Shaft. Top Gear Resplined to 30 Spline (LandCruiser Axle Spline). Spline Bush supplied to assemble Main Shaft and Top Gear. For details on Change Over, please contact us.
LandCruiser Gearbox Main Shaft Kit Refer Products Page for full details on this Reworked Gear, and contact us for Change Over details.
LR Salisbury, DANA 60 & 70 Air Locking Carrier Unit This Unit has One Piece Cross Shaft, 12mm bolts hold the Carrier together. Simple to fit and no alterations required. Is super strong and reliable, has Dash Light to tell operator if Diff in Locked or Unlocked.
LRover, LandCruiser & Toyota HILUX (Pickup) Vacuum Locking Carrier Unit Refer Product Page for full details on this Unit.
LR Salisbury, DANA 60 & 70 Vacuum Locking Carrier Unit The Remanufactured Locking Carrier replaces the Standard Carrier. The Replacement Aluminium Cover Plate has been manufactured to take the bolt on Aluminium Actuator which operates the Diff Lock. Very simple to fit, requiring NO special tolls or alterations to Diff Housing. The Vacuum source is drawn from Manifold on petrol engines and from the Vacuum Pump on the Alternator on diesel engine.
LandCruiser Air Locking Carrier (Assembled View) This Locking Carrier only (Unit), is suitable for LandCruiser's with Fully Floating Axles. A similar Locking Carrier is to be manufactured for Semi-Floating Axles shortly. The Air Cylinder & Bracket is a simple bolt on fixture that operates the Diff Lock.
Land Rover, Range Rover Air Locking Carrier Unit Larger Rear 24 Spline Axles available, when needed.

Vacuum Differential Locking Unit &/or Locking Carrier | Vacuum Hypoid Diff-Lock | 6 Gear Carrier | Upgraded Drive Shaft Spline & Gears | Ford, F100 9" LSD Differential Parts

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